It is essential that all parties involved are clear about what is going to happen, what the limits are and what the other person expects from the bondage experience.

Think of different roles to create a game. Bondage is much more fun if we create a story around the situation.

Beware of ties. To immobilize a person it is not necessary that the ties are very strong, it is enough that they are in places such as legs or arms.

Decide on a keyword. Many couples include cries for help and similar phrases in their bondage relationships, yet they are part of the game. The keyword is used precisely to identify a dangerous situation and stop the game.

Be careful with the neck, it is the most delicate area when we make bondage bondage, in fact, it is recommended that we never, in any situation, include ropes in this area.

In bondage, and in general in BDSM, there are few rules, each couple must use their imagination to create situations and enjoy them, but as in any sexual practice, the important thing is the safety and enjoyment of all the people involved.

Do bondage ropes hurt?

This is one of the most common questions when we approach bondage for the first time. Yes, there are sexual practices that are based on small doses of pain, however, bondage is based on immobilization, and therefore, at first they should not include painful practices.

The bondage elements are manufactured to produce pleasure based on friction, include or not painful activities, for example, tightly knotting the ropes and other elements, it depends on each couple, after all, BDSM is very broad and different can be combined practices.

At VibraShop we have the best selection of bondage objects for couples, from the classic proposals to the main novelties on the market.

Currently there are so many bondage accessories that covering them all is impossible, the ones we review below are just some of those that you can find in the VibraShop catalog.

Collars: Collars are another way to immobilize and subdue a person. They are usually made of leather to increase arousal with friction.

Wives: It is perhaps the most used bondage element by couples, even by those who do not usually practice bondage. At VibraShop we have different models of handcuffs for bondage prepared to enjoy each experience.

Ropes: It is the basic material of bondage. Lovers of bondage relationships have ropes made of different materials to create different experiences.

Clamps: Clamps are another way of immobilization, you will find different models in our catalog.

BDSM catalog at VibraShop

The VibraShop catalog goes beyond the usual practices related to bondage, in our online store you have the widest selection of BDSM domination and sado products, with which you can create stories and enjoy experiences like never before.

Restraints, handcuffs, feathers, paddles, whips, whips, gags, masks, harnesses, dilators, swings, electrostimulators, collars and much more. More and more couples enjoy assiduous bondage practices, and daring to try it is only the first step to discover that bondage is very exciting, and it can become the best kept secret of a couple.

If you want more information about our bondage products, visit our catalog and be sure to follow our sexuality and sex toys blog to find out all the latest in erotic articles.

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