off the beaten track!Sexual arousal arises for some from “out of the ordinary” situations. Make love to several, attached, submissive … Enjoyment sometimes rhymes with submission or domination. Are swinger and sadomasochist practices simple recreational games or the means to fill the dissatisfaction with the life of a couple? Are we living the end of the last taboos?… All the answers with a dossier that takes you off the beaten track.

What is bondage and how is it practiced safelyWhat is bondage

The bondage is an erotic practice based on the partial or complete immobilization of the body. The word bondage comes from the French word bondage , which means captivity or bondage.

The excitement that immobilization causes comes from submission, the pleasure of being at someone’s mercy, or of possessing a defenseless person. To achieve a total submission effect, ropes, bandages, handcuffs and many other elements are used.

Bondage as part of BDSM

When we consider what bondage is and what its practices are like, we have to refer to the group of BDSM practices.

The acronym BDSM comes from the words Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism, Masochism, it is about alternative sexual practices, but related to each other.

BDSM practices are based on domination, submission and obedience, although each one has its own peculiar characteristics.

Bondage is one of the most popular BDSM practices, in fact, most couples admit to having carried out bondage-related practices at some point.

Where do bondage practices come from?

To know what bondage is, we must know its origin. The history of bondage as a more or less regulated sexual experience arises in the United Kingdom, during the Victorian era, in the middle of the 19th century.

The English discipline, practice based on submission, introduced restraints as part of sexual relations, the purpose was to create an erotic situation based on immobilization, thus effectively nullifying a person’s ability to move.

Since the mid-19th century until now, bondage has changed little, but today we have dozens of products that make bondage a very exciting experience for groups and couples.

Tips for enjoying bondage

Now that you know what bondage is, we review some tips for you to enjoy as a group or as a couple.

Trust is vital. Being at the mercy of someone, without the ability to move or decide, is very exciting, but it is essential to have confidence, after all, your movements will be reduced.

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